Waxed Jacket Advantages

Don’t get me wrong, girl, I’m here to inform you on the virtues of sealing or an oilcloth on the advantages and the disadvantages of owning a windbreaker. Dany Boon has already done, and then, well, anyway, this isn’t about me.

You’ll agree with me, I guess, if I say that the practical side cannot be the only criterion for choice of a garment. If that were the case, you would not read these lines, and maybe even that they do not exist. Actually I have a
theory on the subject: we buy the clothes on aesthetic criteria, but you can

wear (or not!) on criteria of comfort and utility. That explains the State of my closet, half is reserved for a host of little things useless, but wonderful. A dress of femme fatale who would disguise even canned, a top strasse so small that smaller made Bras below, figure of prosthesis, a pair of boots with 18 cm of heels, a long skirt of transparent Vestal as a butterfly, an armed, sexy corset Devil wing, but which I get bruised as if in a barbed… Should I continue? I’m sure you know what I mean…

But stop to push the door open, I’m going to talk today two essential wardrobe 2008, which are, in addition, public utility since one as the other protect rain.

So, you understand, the topic of the day: fashion and rain jacket.
But first, to hear us on the terms: what is a wax and is what a raincoat? (Click on the images to enlarge)

The waxed is initially a top clothing (a bomber jacket at http://www.jacketpanel.com/2017/how-do-you-wear-a-bomber-jacket/) rather short, designed to protect against splash water sailors.
It was originally made in canvas coated is wax so that the water slide on it. Where his name. Now, it is made in plastic material, matte or polished appearance.
I would not add much about its form because the details and the overall appearance vary a lot depending on the model. Indeed, what defined the wax, it is precisely its material! It is this famous textile coated, so rigid, which will give aspects jackets, an always structured form. And suddenly, rather chic!
Last spring, we had seen at a few creators the first fruits of this “revival” of the wax, but this year, it’s much more obvious.
Kookai, Naf-naf, H & M… Brand trends are taken over, and you’ll find some very nice small gardens waxes, among others, of charming capes polished… In short, the wax, it is mode!

And the k-way?
Ben good. It is always a top garment, but it is multipoches and always with a hood and sliding links. It is also intended to protect from the rain (although that merit debate, Word of camper dipped after the storm…) but its main qualities are its ability to isolate of the wind and its small footprint. Lightweight, foldable, it is essential for a hike. This original sport, as often, is hijacked by fashion. This is how the k-way, in model revisited, took place in the city dressing room of the fashionistas very ‘in ‘. The 2008 version is a bit long and wide as the original, way XXL. But it is especially a basic that you can wear in different ways. You can use it in a “high-tech” outfit, with a trellis, a zipped top and Silver metallic sneakers. You can also wear grunge way, with a sweater in irregular linen, soft cargo shorts and rangers (or flip flops), either as on the drawing, neo version, with a printed chiffon dress, and a pair of rubber boots (it works also with vintage boots!)

But, and you? What do you prefer?
The wax, with its polished and structured appearance or k-way, with its soft shape and its sport details? Unless you’ve already bought them both…