Water Bottle Style

Do you drink water from the tap? Us with the Luckou belong to the order of the day. With lemon, with ice or alone! Mostly we carry with you a bottle, which is supplemented by day. I sick and tired of wearing a PET

bottle, which doesn’t look nicely, after a while, pulls the smells and, moreover, is not organic. We’ve tried variants such as Bobble with a filter that you may know. But for now, both of our bottles and bottle cap snapped flows. I was so happy when we reach the sympathetic Zuzka, President of the Association of Czech Republic to drink tap water, and ZAZA. Perhaps a couple of hours we talked about how to get water out of the tap into a lot of Czech restaurants, and that people really slowly comes to the fact that tap water is cheaper, greener and with us even more controlled than bottled. In the market it as well as I did but lacked the right bottle. Created ZAZA Bottle. The bottle, which is from the bioplastu (vegetable origin has, or comes from renewable sources!) and the idea is that you drink from it, and you will thus need to buy the classic plastic bottles, which are made from oil and pollute the environment as waste.

However, because the water bottle you will wear every day are from http://www.alltimefishing.com/2017/01/02/eco-friendly-water-bottle/, you need to make you a neomrzela. ZAZA has, therefore, interchangeable removable Panel, and you can personalize it! The Classic Edition is the minimalist black and white and i have an edition of five of the world’s leading artists. But we still lack universal, but at the same time the original bottle. We have joined forces, and together they make up the 3 designs, which we then revealed on our Facebook page- do you remember? With your help, we then chose our “zigzag and Cup of Style” pattern, which will go on sale! Yippee! You’ve probably sensed that I was out of the bottle. If you have not yet, know that you can give to the ZAZA and hot drinks and open it in a wide throat so that it fits any fruit, plus half of the earnings will go to the construction of the city’s drinking fountains. It’s put it in the dishwasher is clear!

But what’s the catch? To make the bottles were given to a sale, they must first crowdfundingem on Kickstarter to select sufficient amount! If you do not know the Kickstarter, this is the page for start-ups, new ideas, but they need financial support in order to arise. ZAZA on the site to answer all your questions! If you’re intrigued, you can ZAZA bottle available for pre-order on Kickstarter, and if we manage to choose a sufficient sum of money, the bottles in the autumn of this year is expected to produce (in Czech Republic) and will go to their pending owners (feel free to all over the world)! The campaign kicks off tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning, but for you, the reader, and the Cup of Style, we are ready to start, already in the 8, which is an advantage, since the first 70 bottles will be sold at a discount from 15 to 11 pounds, or less than $420. Which bottle you like the most? Ours? And are you going to support the project? We definitely Yes! I’ll meet you here on Wednesday at 8:00!