Washing a Cashmere Sweater By Hand

Although we advise you to wash your cashmere by machine, you can also clean your delicate mesh by hand. Follow our advice and your cashmere sweater will live for many years!

1. Cashmere: washing by hand or machine washing?

You are told immediately: it is better to clean his cashmere by machine rather than by hand! Indeed, the movement of the drum of your machine is regular, unlike the handwashing where the cashmere may be misused and deformed. Moreover, a cleaning by hand will always take you a good ten minutes of work, while a machine wash will be much faster to execute! Now we know that if the maintenance of your cashmere is a calvary, you will not do it often enough, or under bad conditions; In the end, your cashmere sweater will not be as beautiful as it could be, and it would be a shame…

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2. Wash with cold water, and quickly, without twisting or rubbing

If you want to clean your cashmere sweater by hand, the main thing is to wash in cold water (about 20 °) with a small amount of “special wool” product, without softener, and do not let your sweater swim In water for hours: the cleaning of the cashmere must be done quickly, and the rinse also.

Let’s take a moment to look at the temperature of the water: you must avoid washing your cashmere with hot water, you risk damaging the cashmere fibers, and deform your sweater. By “hot water” we intersect “with a temperature higher than 30 °”. Also avoid washing your sweater with too cold water, as there too, too much temperature difference could be detrimental to your cashmere. As in many areas, what matters is balance!

It is also important not to twist or rub, but just “knead” the mesh.

3. Rinse and wring your sweater gently

To rinse your cashmere sweater, do it gently, without twisting it and always in cold water, several times, until the water of your tank is completely clear.

Finally, spin your sweater in two steps: first, gently compress your sweater to disgorge it; Then wrap it in a towel-sponge, which will absorb the remaining water.

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