Wall Stickers for Baby Girl

With stickers decorate easily children’s and girls so simple and fun. Especially during childhood tastes of boys and girls are very different. Children like most things related to the world of sport with the engines and all that is more generally related to the world of men. While little girls dream of the castles of the princesses, fairy tenderness and magic atmospheres.

Below are 5 beautiful ideas of wall stickers for baby, and five for a child. To assist parents in choosing, were collected the most popular ones among the young. A nice new sticker is a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, and all other special occasions.

Wall stickers for Baby

The Footballers

In Italy, children like football. The national sport always manages to put all agree. If you want to make your little champion at home happy with the decorations of her room, nothing beats this beautiful sticker of footballers. Check out at http://www.wallstickercollection.com/2016/babys-room-wall-stickers/.

The Tractor

Often children look to adults and think about what you want to do. Maybe then the plans change along the way, but who can resist the charm of a nice shiny new tractor?

The Prolific Scorer

All doctors recommend: “calcium is good for your bones”. And you ‘re sure your child has enough calcium?

The Custom Cars

A nice sports car on the wall of the bedroom of the boys. Just like dad, or as that which is pleasing to the father and that he also dreams of driving one day.

The Teddy Bear Sailor

For younger men, in the expectation that they will grow to become big, a sympathetic friend Teddy bear sailor from reassuring smile that every night watches over your child’s dreams.

Wall stickers for Girls

The Royal Crown

All little girls dream sooner or later to be princesses. And in a very special way, all of them, I am. Here’s a heavyweight Crown adhesive to decorate the walls of the bedroom of a young Princess.

Bird on the wing

If your child like nature and all its beauty because it does not decorate her small bedroom with a sweet little bird that sings on the branch of a tree in the spring? A simple and pretty.

Cute Teddy Bear Smiling

A nice smiling Teddy is perfect for a little girl’s room filled with tenderness. His friendly smile will accompany you every evening, listening carefully while you tell the story of the good night.


The icing on the cake in a bedroom decorated with lot of pink, and all items of enchanted fairy tales. A wall sticker with the text” princess” written with an elegant and refined for the little Princess of the House.

Classical Dancers

Three elegant and graceful dancers who perform a dance very refined. Ideal for children’s bedrooms of all little girls who dream the enchanted atmosphere of the Ballet as in the famous Swan Lake.

We hope that fathers and mothers to listen have managed to find some nice idea to decorate the bedroom of their children and their children.