Wall Painting Styles and Techniques

Learn more about the different brushes, rollers and other products that allow beautiful finishes

Painting the wall of the house means to renew the environments and have a brand new home. If you are a professional in the field or will venture this task, be aware that you need to get some brushes, rollers and accessories. But you can rest assured that everything you need is here. In addition to the wide range of products, we offer the lowest prices on the market and facilitate the payment. Check it!


The brushes have numerous versions finishes on walls, metal, wood and hard to reach areas. Moreover, variations have bristles for the application of different types of ink, such as varnish, latex, acrylic, among others.


The rolls are wider parts compared to brushes. Used to paint different surfaces (smooth, rough, rough, etc.), the rollers also have different versions and sizes. Analyze the ideal product for their work, according to the type of paint to use.


The extenders are listed cables to be connected to the paint rollers to reach higher ground. The height of these accessories varies between 2 and 3 meters.


You will need these parts to dump the paint and thus facilitate the handling of these products to apply them on surfaces. Check the most appropriate size of the trays for your case.

Canvas and protection for painting

The tarpaulins and protections for painting are indispensable to line and protect the paint splatters sites such as the floor and the other walls. There pads produced polyethylene, thermoplastic plastic and are available in different heights and lengths.


Often it may be necessary to apply plaster on the wall to cover holes and flush it. For this task, the straighteners are indispensable. With flat surface and a cable to aid handling, this accessory allows the uniform application of the plaster mass.


With different sizes, paintbrushes are suitable for detailed finishes without paintings, which are larger and irregular brushes.

Cable and support

The cables and brackets allow better handling of the rolls and, therefore, more perfect finish. Check the size of cables and connectors for purchasing a product with optimal range for carrying out its task.


Set to level surfaces for receiving inks, sandpaper is found in different versions for different surfaces (iron, wood, metal, etc.).

Mass applicator

The mass applicators are species of straight blades with an opening at the top for fitting the hands. The product allows uniform application of spackle on the wall.


To impart a decorative effect to the wall or apply varnish, you need the brushes. The product is found in different materials, such as synthetic and synthetic filament, and all versions have a handle for ease of handling.

Paint kit

To ensure more convenience in the painting time, purchase the kits, consisting of essential accessories for the task, such as trays, brushes and rollers. Here you find the kits for painting on different surfaces such as wood and metal.

Trowel and putty knife

Also used for the preparation of the walls, the scrapers and putty knife are able to scrape the surfaces, removing excess waste for the perfect application of the ink. There are products made ​​of carbon steel and PVC.

Decorative tool

The decorative effects on the wall, such as slots and stamp with stripes, are designed by using specific tools. Check out the decorative tools available and which aspects they provide the surface.

Electric spray gun

Electrical apparatus of paint, through its pressure mechanism releases concentrated ink jets. The electric spray guns allow for faster work and great finishes. Review the equipment voltage (110 V or 220 V) and its power.

Paint mixer

Avoid physical exertion! Count the paint mixers, available in electric or manual version, and merge more quickly paints, textures, mortars and other products.

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