Various Accessories for Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic accessories have different utilities. 

Complex in our eyes, the hydraulic system is formed by a set of accessories which ensures the full functioning of the pipe network. Meet some parts:

Mounting material

To fix the bathtubs, toilets and sinks, you need accessories such as special screws, hardware for seat and kits with materials for the installation of parts.

Connecting pipes

The connecting pipes are connected to the hydraulic system and supply the toilet water when the wall discharge is triggered.


The traps can be installed in sinks, lavatories, tanks and siphons for urinal aims to drain the water used in these locations to the sewage network. You can find the fanfold or joint product with single entry, double or triple and made ​​of plastic with chrome finish or white and metal options.

Flow valves

The drain valves are required for the installation of tubs and sinks. You can find the product for kitchen sink, tanks and sinks. Find also accessories that help compose the product.

Binding pockets

The binding pockets are used to seal between the toilet and the connecting tube, this plastic accessory is resistant to the action of chemicals used for cleaning.

Hose for washing machine

The hose washing machine is partly responsible for draining the water to the sewage network, connecting the machine to the hydraulic system.


The spuds are used for the wall downloads, the spuds are installed behind the toilets or urinals. These accessories carry the seal, so that there are no leaks.


After installation of a hydraulic element such as the registration, it is common to remain the holes. The canoplas hide these imperfections and ensure a more accurate finish.

Repair for taps

With specific models for each tap, the repairs are for servicing the piece and avoid wasting water.

Players to watch

If a faucet dripping stay for a whole day, 46 liters of water are wasted. That is, keeping it in order is essential to save water.


The flexible are hoses that connect the water pipe to the box attached toilet or the taps.

Thread sealing tapes

Made of durable sealing material, the sealing tape thread is used to prevent leakage of water in the pipes.

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