Ubuntu Version Of The Smartphone Meizu Mx4 From 25 June Available

Exclusive in Europe canonical on Thursday to offer the Ubuntu Edition of smartphones MX4 of Chinese manufacturer Meizu. The ordering is however well hidden.

Canonical wants to offer a new smartphone with Ubuntu as an operating system in Europe starting on Thursday-that September available Meizu MX4 arrives in China with Android since last well in Ubuntu Edition.

Hidden order form

Rise in the business can not the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition according to “Enthusiasts regarded canonical as a target group” however. The Smartphone is offered for $299 on the English-language website of Meizu. And again, it’s not done by clicking on the “buy” button: an interactive origami wall, you can retrieve information about the device, and there every day some invitations should be located only entitles to the purchase of the Smartphone.

How many invitations should be offered daily in this way, did not canonical. The company however assume that anyone interested can get a Smartphone, even though they would have to seek an invitation circumstances over several days. The interest in the Smartphone seems to be present, the Web site of the manufacturer Meizu is only partially accessible.

Ubuntu’s most powerful Smartphone

The equipment from the MX4 trumps the previously released, clearly tends to the middle-class of part of Ubuntu-phones by Aquaris. It has a screen with a diagonal of 5.36 inches and 1.152 × 1920 pixels – 418 resulting ppi. A 20.7 mega pixel resolution camera located on the back, Sony’s IMX208 camera with two-megapixel resolution is attached to the front.

The Smartphone is powered by the eight core MediaTek MT6595 (4 × cortex A17 with 2.2 GHz, 4 × cortex A7 with 1.7 GHz). The memory is 2 GB. Buyers are only 16 GB of internal memory available, a micro-SD slot is missing. The Ubuntu Edition will be available in the colours white and gold.

You can drop links to Web pages, Web apps based on HTML5 and native apps on the home screen of Ubuntu for smartphones. Each home screen can also customize and populate them with live information. The navigation uses many gestures that result in, for example, contacts, alerts, apps, or the currently open applications.


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