Tried: Lensbaby mobile LM-10

2 The Lensbaby mobile LM-10 is a special lens for adventurous Smartphone photographer and comes with its own app. We looked at the sweet-spot push lens.

Experimental photographers go back the special sweet spot of Lensbaby lenses. In the case of the Lensbabys, the sweet spot is the area in the picture that is really sharp as the only one. This sharpness is less and less

to the edge and turns into a distinct blur. That is in itself nothing special and more or less pronounced on most lenses. In the case of the Lensbabys, is this course but extreme and provides a special atmosphere. Therefore, these lenses not just for portrait photographers are popular, but suitable also in the street, still life and architecture.

Before first use, you must attach a small magnetic ring around the lens of the Smartphone. You fixed the LM-10 by this magnetic ring, for iPhone-5 and 6-iPhone users, there is a special clip-the iPhone mount inserted on the camera. On our iPhone 6 with a very thin shell, we had not even remove them. Thus, the iPhone is not disfigured also.

The manufacturer supplies also a matching app: is well thought out and offers a lot of possibilities – about the setting of the white balance, four effect filters, spot metering and AE lock.

A focus puller for the sweet spot and the AF button to focus issue are practical and of course also the mandatory grid for picture framing should not be missed. By default, the sweet spot is always in the center of the image. Because here no pivoting optics as the camera lenses, Lensbaby has come up with something else: A digital shift. Just twice in the image type and the reticle position freely. That works only by the trick that the image is digitally enlarged.

Our impression

The installation is easy thanks to the magnets and the app you will handle well after a short induction period. Just the sharpening controls, with which you can control the effect, we found important, as the AF button – focusing is not automatically done – and the AE lock for subjects with high contrast and lots of Sun. Here the app tends to like to the overexposure.

What is a little tricky, the digital shift of the sweet spot with the crosshairs, because that is difficult to guess in sunlight. Another ugly point is that the app ignored the camera orientation, so are also the portrait shots in landscape mode. Also, no GPS coordinates is attached to the images. Besides the LM-10 the bottom line has made us have fun – not only for photography, but thanks to the video mode of the app even at the movies.