Trauring Design with Stainless Steel

It does not always have to be gold, silver or platinum!The brand eternal touch offers numerous wedding rings made of stainless steel, a metal, which in both the original silver-white state and gold-coated is a particularly skin-friendly, anti-allergenic alternative.

Rings made of stainless steel are an excellent introduction to the world of 123gold rings and can also be configured very individually.For example, we can completely transform a ring from the eternal touch collection with a few simple changes visually.Particularly interesting for these rings:All gold-colored elements can also be produced in black, AND:as a stone frame also zirconia is possible, which is even offered in different colors.Especially the stainless steel and zirconia combination is very good as a price rise.

We start with this stainless steel eternal touch ring:

First, I delete the existing stone cover and change the width of the ring to 5.00mm and the height to 2.60mm. The profile I change from T1 to T2.

In the left menu “Joints” I delete the existing shadow joints.

In the left-hand menu “Distribution”, I now delete the vertical separations T4 and T5. This gives me a three-part outer ring. Now I change the distances, so that in the height of the ring S1 and S2 are respectively at 1.3mm. In width, I change the slices by moving T2 and T3 as follows:
Disc 2: 1.9mm
Disk 3: 1.2mm
Disc 4: 1.9mm

Back in the “Groove” menu, add a 1.2mm U-joint in the middle of the ring between T2 and T3.

Stones!In the Steinbibliothek, four possible stone placements are shown to me.I choose 5 diamonds, but I only want 4 – if I edit the stone pattern after adding, I can remove a stone by hand.

When working on the stone, I can choose here as well as diamonds also zirconia stones.These are not only available in white, but also in blue, light blue, yellow, pink, green or pink!Through such colored stones, a wonderful color contrast can be produced, at a very attractive price.

Here you can see the model again as a pair with white diamonds.

Some of you are certainly interested in “wider”, ie in the Configurator higher rings.I now show you how to add separations in the partition.The resulting “streak effect”, which is produced by many narrow ring disks / separations, can best be demonstrated on a wide ring.

I’m going out of my last configuration and first delete the stone, change the height (9mm, it should be big), width (3mm) and profile (on T4).

After I have deleted the U-Fugue, which we used earlier, again, it’s to the somewhat more extensive division. I add additional slices in the subdivision 5 (!) And move the separations (T1 etc.), so that the following dimensions apply for the individual ring disks:
Disc 2: 0.8mm
Disk 3: 0.6mm
Disc 4: 0.5mm
Disc 5: 0.6mm
Disc 6: 0.5mm
Disk 7: 0.6mm
Disc 8: 5,35mm

In the overview, the ring disks are now alternately set to yellow / polished and gray / longitudinal mats in order to produce the strip motif.

In the Joints menu, a 0.6mm shadow gap is added to each second ring disk in the center.

As a stone frame, I add a crowned diamond (center size 0.030 ct) on the middle of disk 8.Under “fine positioning of the stones” I can move it as desired on the ring disc.Again, colored zirconia stones are possible!

And here is again the newly configured ring in the paar with white diamonds!