Tissue Paper Flowers How To Make Easy

We are always looking for more creative and beautiful ways to decorate, especially when it comes to parties and we want to do the best possible to let everyone satisfied with the end result. Today we will teach you how to make tissue paper, a cheap and pretty way to innovate the decoration of the holidays!

Tissue paper flowers can be attached to children’s party panels for example, or hang from the ceiling to give a visual and original effect. The tissue flowers can be made of one color or mixing silk sheets of paper of different shades to give a result even more beautiful.

How to make tissue paper flower

The flower that we show in the step by step is great, but you can make smaller sizes if you prefer. See what you need to do:

  • 10 sheets of tissue paper
  • Thin tape (or thin wire)
  • Scissors

Place all the leaves over each other, and then start the fold-fold form until the end. When done, wrap the ribbon or wire through and tie them well.

Now cut the tip according to the shape you prefer, rounded or pointed. Then begin carefully pulling the leaves from one end to the top, leaf after leaf. Do the same thing on the other end.

Ready! To attach the ceiling and hang like a mobile when you tie the ribbon or wire and then just attach anywhere.

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