Tips on Wearing Swimsuits

If in the lingerie Department, the string has more the coast, on the beach there is definitely out. So should you dare… or not the sexy swimsuit?

Madam is served at 8: 00 on 6, registration for College by Minitel, the tang to orange and now the strings at the beach: it is final, the best things are lost. NFIS. Maybe you didn’t know it then it’s full of emotion that.

Tips on Wearing Swimsuits

I announce you: If Ray lingerie, the string has more the coast, on the beach there is definitely out. Death. Dead. Finito. Adios. And now who want to get a Tan seat will have to tweak… I personally know of a store that sells the right again replica of the bikinis of Bikiniwill in my father the hero. A miracle, Yes. Then I give the address in MP, only to those who will find the words.

The string is no longer (even when La Redoute offers more, is that really there is something). Whose fault is that? We become more modest?

[On the page after I tell you my story… and you’ll have a picture of me in a g-string!]
[Oops, I lied.

It is internationally recognized, I’m a bomb and my body is in itself one of the main causes of global warming. Yes. I so didn’t need it but last year I bought what is commonly called a sexy swimsuit. To be able to wear it in front of my father, and obviously to be able to wear it all short as he has never been further than fitting room. I guess I have an education, me – and also a big doubt on the shape of my ass. It this year again, there is every chance that I take him in my suitcase and it stays there. Dare the sexy swimsuit, is not easy.

Problem no. 1: the environment

If putting a sexy swimsuit is a natural thing to the Playboy Mansion, on the beach of le Havre the context lends less. It’s a family place and unless you want at any price be immortalized by a cameraman from 40 degrees in the shade (the show), I stick to things more chaste and request a quote for the construction of a grotto jacuzzi in my garden.

Problem no. 2: the old bearded man behind her diary

Assuming that I decided to educate the kids, the other problem at the beach, it is of course the large heavy. Who moved too, smile at you under her bob, just swim in your personal area and eventually throw a trembling “Hello” which, if it did not have both hands under the water and a drizzle of foaming at the mouth, could pass for a courtesy. To the rescue.

Problem no. 3: enmity with my ass

The bearded sown and the cave completed, still to take me myself and convince me that so dressed, I am more beautiful. Leslie of the Loft state of mind. They are right the Tribal Kings: should I forget my complexes, and I move way sex. Problem: in a classic swimsuit I already struggle to drop the sarong…

[On the next page, I’ll show you sexy swimwear for Summer 2009]

  1. Skinny Dip Swimwear Trikini. 2 Jersey deep V Carmen Marc Valvo, the site of Victoria’s Secret.3 bra Sublim’ Up dangerously yours, Aubade. 4. Shorty laced Marit Milien. 5. FishNet Lora, Agent Provocateur swimwear. 6 hot thong playing yours, Aubade.

And you, would you wear a swimsuit a little sexy? Did you already tested the trikini (swimsuit 1 piece with cutouts), the string of beach, bikini Japanese mind the lame swimsuit, or leopard? Olé-olé are swimwear really portable?