Tips for Creating Space in a Small Kitchen

Nowadays it is difficult to find apartments with large kitchens, and the vast majority of people end up having to live with a tiny kitchen which barely fits their own utensils.Today we will give some simple tips of how to make space in the kitchen, and leave this space more practical and organized too.

The first crucial tip to win is to use the walls. The tip goes for every room. The kitchen would not change; using more walls in the kitchen may help to keep things organized and beautiful.

How to make space in the kitchen

If the sink is small and there’s no room to put a rack of dishes and cutlery, or if you have no more space in the drawers to store these pieces, a wedding planner can be the missing piece. In it you can put dishes, silverware, and other utensils and items (paper towels, salt, oil, etc).

Invest in overhead cabinets, so you can store more utensils without taking up space on the floor with cabinets. Another tip is to use a pan support on the wall and hang the pans on hooks. You will always have them at hand and keep the lids on drawers.

You can save a few cookers in the closet. The smallest in the largest is a good idea to gain space in the closet.Remember to take advantage of the space above the refrigerator, it can be quite useful.

Now that you’ve seen some tips, how about taking a look still on the field about how to decorate a small kitchen? There is a nice gallery of photos to inspire you.

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