Tiny House-Living Comfortably in Small Spaces

You know the concept of tiny house? It’s something I knew for some time and search the subject became a hobby. Are houses, usually on wheels, with the same features of a normal house. How? All-in-one design of the environments and the minimalist lifestyle.

It’s fascinating to see how the fans of tiny houses got rid of rentals and financing expenses and live comfortably in a home to call your own. Nothing is missing … maybe just a little bit more space when their children begin to come.

Environments with more than one function and lofts are used a lot, all the corners are used as cabinets, including the stairs. I always dreamed of having more than one level in my room. If your house has high ceilings, this is an option too!

According to the residents, living in a house like that brings a lot of freedom, whether financial or even the possibility of transporting the residences. This reminds me of a remarkable book that I read when I was a kid, named heavy load, on a snail that accumulated so many objects that could barely get out of the place. If you follow the tip of Jason Enters A, One, might not have accumulated so much mess.

On the internet, also no shortage of blueprints and companies that create a design of your taste. The costs of building a tiny house in the United States are infinitely smaller than an ordinary house. All that’s missing is the news getting here, huh?

Here’s a video showing a tiny house very cute! The video is in English, but you can watch just to feel the atmosphere of coziness of a house with a few square meters.

What do you think of the idea? Can you live a frugal lifestyle as this?