Tile Print Harem Pants

Ulien Scavini Chronicle-if the scratch is exclusively used for the costumes, the tile, him, is ideal for casual.

Source the Figaro Magazine

The wardrobe is structured by many rules of use. One of them requires a United pants that are not of the same fabric as the jacket. It’s a classic. Associated, for example, gray pants with a jacket with small squares or brown pants with a tweed jacket. Guaranteed agreement. Another rule governs patterns, including stripes regarded as urban and the tile felt less strict.

If the scratch is exclusively used for the costumes – he is indeed the worst taste to wear only a striped pants or a jacket striped-, the tile, is perfect for the casual Jacket in particular. Nothing surprising to find, therefore, the tweeds or fine wool with a tile which brightens up the wool cloth of various colors. In England, the custom is to wear only the jacket lined in association with a plain pants, colorful velvet or wool. That’s a shame, because we are in a period where the jacket is lightly set aside. Be older men or younger people, they prefer to very often sweaters and other cardigans.

Difficult to opt for fun patterns like tile window, the Prince of Wales or the tartan.Less focus on an old English usage, which was to stand on the greens of golf and other sporting occasions dressed in a gaudy pants. Thus, found a good reason to legitimize the port of elegant pants with a solid mesh. It’s a way to heckle some codes, renew the more conventional uses, without losing the tradition of sheets of tweed carroyés with humor. The killjoy have to stand in line!

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