TicTalk: the First Instant Messenger Designed for Android Wear

Chat with your instant messenger with the smartwatch doesn’t seem particularly easy, given the small size that displays. But if the problem was simply that it has not yet been conceived a client optimized? So here comes into play TicTalk (which, apparently, was called with a much more allusorio Watchup), the first messenger designed specifically for Android Wear smart watches, in particular.

In TicTalk is precisely the form of communication to be different from the classic text chat: for example, users can send each other emoji, quick sentences preloaded, and various types of data due to symbiosis with your smartphone (GPS position, your phone number, etc) and integrated sensors directly in the watch (including heartbeats). Also interesting is the ability to send Digital Touch, some sort of “poke” in salsa smartwatch, which will vibrate the device in real time.

The real ACE in the hole for an app like that, of course, lies in the interface, and the TicTalk is constructed in such a way that theuser experience is as simple as possible, and quick interaction with few steps that are required to perform various actions. TicTalk is also able to respond to our contacts via SMS, so as to be less restrictive.

The app is still very young, and has some limitations-including language, English only -but comes from Little Labs, a developer of smartwatch knows. We know for example to foul up, and recently made its entry into the world of video games with the official game of survivor-The Martian, scifi’s new film starring Matt Damon. TicTalk is compatible with all Android devices Wear, and is completely free.