Thermos Stainless Steel Bullet 350

Thermos Stainless Steel bullet 350

Product description

Modern design and durability

The thermos stainless steel from is excellent for maintaining the temperature of hot or cold drinks.

Produced with the best stainless steel quality and silicone, this thermos has a double inner wall that ensures the quality and maintaining the temperature of liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

The upper part of the cylinder, which is made of silicone, can be removed for easy cleaning of the same.

For you who likes to put water in a thermos, but is bothered with the smell of chlorine that is soaked into the interior of the container, no longer need to worry about: the thermos stainless steel eliminates the smell of chlorine, leaving your water without any kind of odor.

In addition to all these benefits, the thermos Stainless steel has a modern design, in the form of a bullet.

In addition, the outer covering of the bottle protects it from stains and scratches, making it ideal to take

for camping, fishing, or even put in your Office.


Color: Golden
Dimensions: 6, 8 cm x 6, 8 cm x 23, 5 cm
Capacity: 350 ml
Weight: 180 g
The delivery time of 15 days is stipulated by the postal service of Brazil.