Thermal Comfort Conditions for Human Occupancy

The online shop offers solutions to make your home more comfortable with air conditioning and water heating products

As a tropical country, Brazil often have high temperatures much of the year. However, there are periods when the cold knocks on the door and, to further confuse the Brazilians, in some areas climate variations occur on the same day.

You might think that ensure thermal comfort in your home is a big challenge. Right? Wrong! With the acquisition of some cooling products and water heating, it is possible to have more warmth in every room, 365 days of the year. The best news is that getting the devices here, which ensures savings in the family budget – since we assume the commitment of the lowest price in the market. Here are some products:

Electric shower

The electric showers, which makes the domestic water heating by means of resistance, allows you to take a relaxing bath and ideal weather during every day of the year. After all, many models have variations of up to four temperatures. The electronic model goes further and allows precise regulation of temperature, without preset temperatures.

Gas water heater

To have hot water at home, you should consider purchasing the gas water heater.  By purchasing this device, review the need to bring to the house also some accessories for water heaters such as gas regulator and hose connecting the gas to the appliance. Remember that this product must be installed by a professional.

Solar water heater

Sustainable and cost effective, solar water heaters guarantee warm water through the heat of the sun. It comprises a collector plate, the function of which is to absorb solar radiation and the solar reservoir container responsible for the thermal insulation of the water.

Electric heater

Suitable for taps, baths and showers, the electric water heaters can be installed directly at their point of use or as a central heater for more than one point. Easy to be installed, the machine is available in 127V voltage (110 V) and 220 V

Electric faucet

The electrical taps require the use of a heater, then, connected to electricity, provide hot water. Ideal to remove more easily the fat of dishes, electric faucet has numerous models, including versions that allow the change of up to four temperatures.

Air conditioning

Connect environments heaters to maintain a warm temperature. Or invest in a hot-cold air conditioning, which ensures a versatile solution for the whole year! There are options like air conditioning, which reverse hot and cold.


In addition to ensure the thermal comfort of all the family, fireplaces provide a very special charm to the decor. For the correct operation of the product, review the need to buy some accessories, such as grates, cleaning kit and support for firewood.


To ensure the thermal and acoustic insulation of the house, you may need to install some products on the roof, as the insulating glass wool base. If you are in the house construction, opt for PVC tiles, lightweight parts to ensure thermal insulation in every room.

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