The Three Reasons Why We Love a Benedict Cumberbatch and Not Swallow a Pharrell Williams

The Oscars are no longer what they were (thank God). The Protocol is reduced to not mix pink with red and not even that because we are ready to see any kind of atrocity and attack on good taste and fashion. Is becoming more common to see as the photobombs, live retweets, the costumes and the culinary espontaneidades (Yes, Brad it went hungry in half of the gala and did not resist to eat a piece of pizza in the middle of the ceremony) are made with the running of the event. And we love that.

But there was always classes and classes for marking a jitazo within the ceremony and Benedict Cumberbatch and Pharrell Williams, it is clear they are as antagonistic as Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey Although that Yes, with much less rancor from through, there is no doubt.

Because one is correct with the long and another us gets ready

Lord, we have to endure in some red carpets… Benedict Cumberbatch has been one of the few who got hit with the length of the pants (Seriously is so difficult?) and gave us all a lesson in style to the british on how to go tie a few Oscars and leave the rest of the staff with their mouths open and bow tie just as stiff.

And on the other side of the palaestra, Pharrell Williams and the strange impression that one can give that talk going which pre-puber fresh out of Sunday mass. Pharrell, beloved, even to play tricks and keep the other one must have art. Speaking with Jennifer Lawrence that surely will be willing to teach you how to do it and not die trying.

A little bit of originality with the show-business, by mercy

That a Briton as stretched as Benedict Cumberbatch mark a photobomb, priceless. Over do it was Bono and U2 team, merit double. Everyone wanted but only he dared to do so, like Sir.

Perreo? A bit of regeaton? It is not, Pharrell Williams making ever go out to staff to wiggle your hips while singing. To me these things personally already bored me and I’d rather stay with Ellen who at least knows how to wear Tuxedo and making people laugh the audience. And both things at the same time.

Without selfie and Ellen, admit it, you’re not nobody

It has become clear that Ellen is cool and really cool. Than the selfie group that is has marked has been the tweet more retweeted in the history of the social network, beating out published by Barack Obama after his re-election… that is to go to sleep with the swollen chest and have sweet dreams even if you have the side to Portia with an anger of the fifteen by being one of the worst dressed of the night: part of the job.

So it is not surprising that all those who have participated in their selfies molen by extension, fuck yeah. And Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the lucky ones that upon an appearance in one of them accompanied by the Brangelina, which although not molan, ever remains well having them close when there is a camera. Pharrell Williams? What we know or honestly is that it interests us much, so delude ourselves Any doubt of why they prefer the British?Photos | GTres

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