The ‘Preppy’ Returns This Spring with H & M Style

The detracotores of the preppy will be a new disappointment this spring/summer is that this style becomes the hand of H & M, that already has advanced us in their latest lookbook. The model Wouter Peelen He is the protagonist of this advancement that you should not miss because it’s worth much.

What is the preppy style?

For which still does not have detailed information of this style appealed, the preppy has its origin in america and in the form of pre-university young people who cared the most their way of dressing without neglecting its youth party.

A basic of this style is the Blazer, contested piece of clothing that can be combined with jeans or pants type Chinese. The mixture of the colors between the top and bottom is something to which are used very often. The touch of the coat jacket us contextualizes within aesthetics.

The stripes they are also an essential part of this spring collection. The navy looks out in sweaters and cardigans with the protagonists to shades like blue, white or red. Welcome to the club Náutico de H & M!!

If before the look was more casual result, we can see here that we can also combine stripes with something else formal. The jacket is perfect for the spring and shoes looks good right?

And speaking of sweaters this isn’t you fantastic in a tone Emerald Green? The color, which was named as the 2013 pantone still present this year, and H & M combine us pictures and a touch of nautical-style stripes that we talked about before.

H & M costumes for spring 2014

With spring, It is slightly soften the color of our suit jacket and Swedish brand offers us this in light grey. Detail of moles in the tie and the cardigan providing color makes this a very good style. Atreveríais you with something as well?

For those who continue betting on the dark tones we have this very correct option.

Finally, we open the debate with one of the fundamental keys of the preppy. Elbow pads in our jackets Yes or no? Some will already be tired of them, but others, however, will continue to use them once again this spring what are you?