The Nokia Lumia 520 Is Fashionable

Nokia Lumia 520, terminal range down from Nokia, seems to be confirming the expectation that generated before and during your presentation, and it has become a reference price point set and its smartphone.

Evidenced by the data presented by Google Trends, according to which the Nokia Lumia 520 is the model that more search on Google, above other members of the family as Nokia Lumia 920 which at the moment is still the Windows Phone device with higher market share in this platform.
In the data presented by Google Trends also it is clear that interest in the Nokia Lumia 520 is growing steadily, What could effectively turn it into one of the most popular smartphones in the coming months.

These data are also confirmed with those of Adduplex, that a few weeks ago presented its report with the estimates of market share Terminal Windows Phone.

According to these data, the Lumia 520 Nokia He managed more than one 4% share market in less than a month, beating out models such as the 720 Nokia and HTC 8S, and if this trend continues, could become a true success by the Finnish manufacturer.