The Most Common Mistakes That Women with Bra

Best not to wear it two days in a row

Even if it’s your favorite avoid wearing the same bra for two consecutive days,  let it rest 24 hours  after use will help your bra to regain its original shape, allowing you to use it for a few more months.

Bra? Yes please, but which one?

If we  run  to need a top of those super elastic and comfortable with large shoulders (there are really nice and colorful): If we are preparing for a Date Night with sexy mini dress, then the ideal will be a nice  push up.
If we have to go to a job interview, under the shirt we have to wear a classic black hardcover sump, preferably without laces that they come from, how it was almost a second skin. How many anxieties to think about!

Coordination: in full color

In some cases, the taste must be present. We have a myriad of  bras,  colors and shapes and for this reason it is crucial to make the right choice.  There are very low-cut clothes that require a  push-up  that makes the emergence of a  cleavage  diva 50s, other more sober that are appropriate to a form more discrete breast. The bra should  vary depending on the style apparel  we wear, follow the line and cutting, without being cumbersome and out of place. Have fun playing with the different effects that your breasts can give your  look , you will discover that this choice may depend much of your sensuality.
The color should be matched to the shirt, especially when present necklines important where the underwear can peep.  Never, then, wearing a black bra and maybe lace under a shirt or lightweight camisole: the effect is in this case, anything but chic.

Do not leave the cup

The choice of the bra should never be based on measurement of the cup (even for padded bra, see more at, but, but the circumference of the band that wraps around the chest. The cups are in fact never standard, and may vary depending on the model and brand, which is why it is important to understand what is the numeric value that corresponds to our circumference, while the cup will adjust accordingly.

Fasten the bra on the inner hooks it is wrong

Another very common mistake is to buy a bra that now needs to be tied on the hooks more internally. Bra tends to loosen with use, so it is important to have the option of using successive hooks whenever our intimate loses grip. Buy a bra if you wear tying the outer hooks, able to stretch so much of his life.

If the bra band too much salt is not good

It happened several times to see the back of the bra reaching over the shoulder blades, in fact the band of our undergarment should never exceed the height of the underwire. Otherwise that bra is not for us.

hard or soft cup to cup, makes a difference

Try to find the bra that suit your forms. Not always the push-ups are perfect, in certain cases you should also consider the bra free cup, a soft tissue that follows the natural shape of the breast, especially if this is already abundant her. Recall that the natural shape of a woman’s breast is conical, not ball.

Eye to the detergent you use

Very often to wash underwear we tend to use detergent suitable for wool, since it is considered very delicate fabrics. In fact detergent that is designed to make softer the head, so should not be used on anything that is elastic, bra included. Wash your underwear with detergents for cotton and synthetics, and always and only in cold water .

Not more than eight months

A bra, unlike diamond, is not forever, but a life that varies from 6 to a maximum of eight months, after which your beloved friend will no longer be able to do his duty. For this reason you should have at least 5 or 6 bras to be alternated, so as to make them last all more.

never settle

There breast uncontrollable or unattainable circumference, is why you should settle for the first bra that you think can “go.” At the risk of turning every single shop and to try every available head, seek and do not stop until you are completely satisfied with the result. The right underwear for you there, and promises sensuality, charm and comfort, is for you to flush him out in the sea of fish and … underwire.