The Lightweight Steel Frame House Construction

The steel frame is a sustainable construction system that guarantees many benefits. Find out what they are!

A technology in the construction market has made ​​the work faster, simple, light, clean and dry. The steel frame is a sustainable building system. In a project done with this process, they are not used bricks or cement and galvanized steel appears as the main structural material.

The online shop has innovated and marketed the system. Currently, the product is only found in a few specialty stores of dry construction.

System steps

At the beginning of the process steel frame, mounts a slab of reinforced concrete (whose structures are made with steel screens). At this point, the electrical and hydraulic systems of the house are already installed. The assembly of the house is made by means of galvanized structural steel sections, which are screwed to each other, forming a rigid skeleton. In the next phase, cement plates are installed, wood panels OSB (oriented strand board or wood strips panel oriented – derived from wood that is durable and eco-friendly) and sheets of plasterboard – all pre-made and used in buildings dry.

The soundproofing process is also done at this time, with the installation of specific components for the work. In the final stage, any applied coatings and finishes may be used in a conventional construction.

Advantage is not lacking!

  • sustainable project: 70% savings are in water consumption, and steel is 100% recyclable;
  • lightweight and sturdy construction: low investment in the building foundation;
  • Great acoustic performance;
  • Warranty up to 30 years granted by the manufacturers;
  • Expansion of the internal building space up to 4% of floor area;
  • Quickness in the work: compared with other construction methods, the steel frame of the work time is reduced.

Differences between the drywall and steel frame

Both systems are part of the category of dry construction, which emerged in the US in 1830, due to the high demand for building houses resulting from rapid population growth. The drywall, which began to be used in Brazil in the 90s, is a complete wall made ​​of gypsum plates bolted in galvanized steel structures. It is basically an internal lock system. The steel frame, in turn, is a complete system of construction, forming a structural skeleton, and had the rise in the US by 1940.

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