The Dressing Gown

The dressing gown is a rather intimate garment, which is necessary even though many consider it dispensable. It is a pretty special garment that every individual should have in his wardrobe. It is a very cozy interior garment that is usually worn over a nightwear, a kind of inner coat

capable of giving a certain elegance but also able to keep warm during the coldest seasons. It opens to the front and closes either a lapel or a zipper or by crossing with a belt. It is often made in thick or warm fabrics. It is not made for the shower outlet because it does not really have any absorbing power. It is synonymous with comfort and convenience. And it can be said that it is a real fashion accessory.

The utility of the dressing gown

The robe is useful for keeping warm in winter or in the evening when it’s a little chilly. It is also an indoor garment used to conceal pajamas, nightgowns, lingerie or even to hide nudity. You can wear it all day at home when you do not go out. Some people often make the mistake of confusing gown and robe and it is very normal considering the fact that some gowns have the same style as the bathrobe. Yet, these are two very different clothes on several levels.

The different materials to make a dressing gown

As ladies sleepwear, the dressing gown is available in There is the cotton dressing gown, the most widespread model. Warm and comfortable and perfectly absorbs moisture, very good; The satin dressing gown, supple and refined, offers lightness and style but it is not very hot and it is not very absorbent like cotton; The linen dressing gown, made from natural fibers, is ideal for summer because it is light and absorbent and it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
The actual dressing gown must have a shawl collar, the back of which can be girdled with a fine silk cord, as well as a belt of the same fabric as the dress and patch pockets.