The Alleged OnePlus X

The next 12 October, OnePlus held an event in India during which it will probably presented the new OnePlus X, the first smartphone medium end of Chinese society.

A few days after the presentation, the Terminal seems to have appeared at the American FCC certification body with the initials E1005. Here are the details emerged following this sighting.First of all we find two pictures of the smartphone, which comes with a design very similar to that of OnePlus 2, even though the dimensions are slightly different because the new OnePlus X has a length ranging between 140 and 150 mm and a width of between 60 and 70 mm and is therefore slightly more compact than its “big brother” also due to the presence of a 5 “against the 5.5”.

News regarding the radio terminal sector, starting from the number of LTE bands supported, 7 2 4 1 5, 8, and, with the absence of, band 12, supported on OnePlus 2, and the type of WiFi connectivity built into the Terminal, which no longer supports the standard 802.11 ac. Finally, it seems that the processor has a clock set at 1.9 GHz from E1005, although there are no details about the type of SoC adopted.

There only remains to wait just 2 days before we have confirmation or denial about the correspondence between the new and the expected E1005 OnePlus X.

Oneplus X is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 249 euros. The value for money isdiscreet. There are 51 better models.