The 7 Best Lures for Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish can be caught with different types of lures, both natural, as artificial. The your choice should be made not just by being fresh water fishing, but must also take into consideration the type of fish and the water and weather conditions.

Check out our tips and learn about the best bait for your next fishing in rivers or lakes.


  1. Pasta

The masses are very popular natural baits. Made the basis of wheat or bread, these lures are great for carp or tilapias.

2. Worms

Earthworms are also heavily used natural baits. They are indicated for fishing lures of tilapias, carp and lambaris pacus.

3. Fly baits

The lures of flies can be made with different types of flies and are suitable for fishing for fish such as trout.


4. Cranckbaits

Cranckbaits, also known as plugs, are durable plastic baits. They are divided into different types:

diving lures– to be used for diving fishing

minnow- can be used both on the surface as the water

swimbaits- are fit to be displaced from one side to another of the water

topwater- are meant to be used only on the surface

They are good baits for fishing of traíras.

5. Jigs

They are baits which can be used both in freshwater and in saltwater. It has a more affordable price and are very versatile and can be used in different locations and in a variety of climates. Freshwater baits are most suitable for use in places where there are bushes, leaves or rocks. They are indicated for fish such as the Peacock bass.

6. Spinner

Spinner type baits are suitable for places where other baits can curl up or get caught. They are great for fishing lures Golden traíras.

7. Spoons

When they pulled the bait spoon type sway from side to side, drawing the attention of fish that are attracted by the movement. There are spoons of two sizes, the smallest are suitable for fish such as trout and the largest for fish like Peacock bass.

Now that you already know the best lures for freshwater fish, choose one of our options: