Test of Tights

In comments to How to organize your dressing, you’re all set to talk about “sticky”.And bitching against it fail everyday life of a girl , namely spun sticky.

So I decided to test you for four brands tights says “resistant”. I chose four different brands, but for sake of fairness these tights are black, and about 40 denier. Of money, what do you then? This is simply the weight of 9000 meters of fiber. This explains why the more money, the smaller is the sticky end. The tights are from 5 to over 100 deniers: 40 so it’s not too thick but somewhat opaque, the middle to start the winter!

Risking my life, I realized a battery of tests ultimate survivor mode. Program: threading with a broken toenail, cat paws on his knees, sliding on a floor full of splinters and falls on escalators (do not worry, I have a risk premium).

Here are the results :

Well perfect agreement (45 denier)

Texture: Very opaque. Well, it does not replace leggings (never, oh, ever: I will be uncompromising on the cheap tights).

Resistance: Not bad, but not fufu either. It is strong enough to be worn several times and nails filed down very well not remain without power over him, but the violent attacks of the cat claws type, that is fatal.

By cons, a benefit, the wide band size does not caravan, do not saw you bidou (with the whole range of unsightly marks that go with it) and flattens a little beads (‘d like it to William Carnimola).

How much is it? € 6.95 for a pair. This is not excessive, but it must still want to pay the price. Well the tights are distributed around (I found mine at Auchan).

H&M (40 deniers)

Texture: opaque and slightly satiny, they are also somewhat sheathing. Without falling into either stockings (not exaggerate) , but what prevent thighs blobloter under your mini shorts in case of chase the bus.

Resistance: Hyper balèze. And even in severe hitch, the hole is not expanded .Simply place a drop of clear varnish and cut the mini piece of wire protruding and go again for two or three wars.

By cons, if it does not file, he still tends to fluff after a moment to where it rubs: inside of the thighs, behind the knees and calves if you often wear boots.

How much is it? € 7.95 a pack of two, thus € 3.975 one (no I did not use a calculator, this is not true). So quite cheap considering the quality!

New Look (40 deniers)

Texture: Very opaque, thick and warm. They are rather dull in appearance, almost like leggings.

Resistance: good Ultra (tied with H & M), but without pilling. These tights have survived even when I hooked my thigh scratch my bag and I took off with a jerk (the fatal shot).

How much is it ? € 6.99 Pack 2 (thus € 3.5 each), which pushed this pair of tights on top of the podium level price!

[newshop id= »1821_r1692222″]Dim Body Touch (40 deniers)[/newshop]

Texture: They are a little thinner than the others and have a nice satin finish. If cold is better to put two pairs! Another plus: the famous touch that keeps belt Body size, leaving no nasty red marks.

Resistance: No cavorting. They are resistant to abrasion, but snagging a bit harsh (badly cut nails of fit feet, for example) have because of their strength.

How much is it? € 9 95, is a sticky little more upscale in price! an investment rather recommended for an evening or formal dress so if every day you are kind of awkward.

So you’ve found your tights in the winter from this selection? If you are the unfaithful kind (I mean your clothes, eh) or curious, you can also subscribe to the Gambettes Box to change tights every month!