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Test Xiaomi Mi Pad

Xiaomi Mi Pad earns the coveted “Sub Zero’s seal of approval” with a home test that tests the product resistance to low temperatures. The footage that we propose at the end of article, published by YouTube channel I composed of fans of the products of the well-known Chinese brand (that’s why this is a homemade test) is to be welcomed because an important detail that most viewers will notice right away.

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NVIDIA Shield Tablet Android Version

NVIDIA Shield Tablet just got the latest version of Android and several bugfixes, but if you have one maybe you should worry about on the other.

NVIDIA has announced a withdrawal of the units sold after July 2014: due to faulty batteries, these templates are subject to overheating and consequently in fire risk. Of course the company will replace free of charge all Shield defective Tablets and has already published the procedure to be followed.

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HP New Launch Tablets

Remember those old tablet from HP? If the answer is no, we don’t have much to blame you because in reality there were products that excite us or users. The first set of mobile devices of the American multinational can basically consider evidence in view of the new models that we have seen during the event in Milan organized by the society to present all the news in the case of Personal Systems.

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