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Smartwatch Ekoore Go Watch

A smart watch with Android and advanced features at an affordable price.

The smartwatch, smart watches that attempt to replicate the functionality we are used on mobile devices of last generation, are literally flooding the market. Many companies choose to focus on device of this type, and often the solutions are interesting both for the price and for the features offered. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment

How Well Equipped to Play Sports?

The Reasons to Choose a Fit Equipment

The resolution to get back to sport is confirmed! Now he must choose his battle dress. This will help us “sporter” effective … or at least we make the sport easier and save us give up. But especially for Djibrine Fall-Telemachus (trainer and coach and full contact kickboxing) well equipped to do sports avoids annoyances like injuries or blows cold. And good news, today it is no longer necessary to invest in a brand of basketball when doing sports. For fifty euros, there are sports facilities completely “safe” for our feet.

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