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How to Match a Striped Shirt


The lines in the last few months, they’re really depopulated. Every brand, from the cheapest to most expensive and chic, showed off a collection that includes many types of lines and colors! If until a few decades ago, the lines were considered a fantasy more or less sporty, today these, become the emblem of sophisticated, understated and funny. There are many nuances that we find in stores: white lines and black, red and white stripes, Blue and white lines or lines consisting of more than two colors. Whatever the thickness, the lines are inevitable in our closet! But, depending on whether you are passionate about fashion and looking for particular look or whether people who seek the classic taste, there are rules to enhance a outfis with lines. Throughout this guide, we will give some hints and tips on how to match a shirt in a variety of ways: from the simplest to the most exuberant. Let us see them together. Continue reading

Recycled Evening Dresses

Today Perrine giving you tips to recycle your best cocktail in your daily outfits dresses!

In our closets, there is often a pretty dress that comes out only for special occasions: embroidered white lace of beads, plunging backless, petticoat in tule, …except the birthday, communion or weddings, this little beauty do generally not often see the light of day. And that’s a shame because that saw its price, it deserves to go out more than once in the closet, and she is still very beautiful the matron.

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Plus Size Clothing Fashion Online

Plus size clothing fashion online shop-magazyn. The main key to success of any girl or woman—to love yourself and be confident in his appeal. And the size of the clothes is not the decisive role.

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Feel safe and beautiful it will be pretty and feminine, large brand and fashionable women’s clothing, which you can buy in our online store. Women’s blouses in a variety of colors and shades, air fashion jeans

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