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How to Choose Leather Leggings

Today I will show you three of my mispurchases and tips on how you avoid a bad buy.


Leather leggings, sneakers Wedges or thick fur jackets are not made ​​for each. I myself wanted a year ago reflect this Isabel Marant wedges have and who has not worn them in the end? I! They simply did not to me. Perhaps it was also because of the color that was beige. Even a faux leather leggings I have at home. Had to be somehow grad was in, but who does not wear? I, of course. These are two of my ever mispurchases that I could have prevented. The question is: Fits this trend to me? Can I identify myself with it? And I feel comfortable with my legs in leather leggings? The answer was definitely no. From this I have definitely learned.

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