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Freshwater Pearls and Saltwater Pearls

– What are the differences that you notice between the mollusks? The growing methods are all the same?

Shellfish and Cultured Pearls

Oysters Sea and Freshwater Mussels

The fresh water mollusks (pearls of lakes and rivers) and those of salt water (sea pearls) are both able to produce cultured pearls.

The bivalve molluscs that produce saltwater cultured pearls are chiamatati oysters while those that produce freshwater cultured pearls are identified by the name of mussels. Continue reading

Jewelry Expo Japan

This weekend, Chacha, Fab and myself went out and about at the Japan Expo. A tour that opened my eyes to the fact that I had become old (average age 15 years), I was a nerdy and sad look at possible (!) and that it was time that I buy a Wii (to finally realize my american dream: be a cheerleader!). I took the opportunity to shoppinguer with impunity and bring back some good addresses to remember. Creative favorites of the Japan Expo:

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