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How to Match a Houndstooth Jacket


Does anyone think the pied de poule is born in France. Instead the origins are Scots. The first information dates back to 1800. The shepherds wore to keep warm in the winter. The two original colors are black and white. Today they are carded wool clothing, black and blue, or purple and Fuchsia. To match the jacket with classic colors, we can decide the pants to “Crow’s foot” of the same color. For some solid white one is more chic. The tutorial explains how to attach accessories. Continue reading

Waxed Jacket Advantages

Don’t get me wrong, girl, I’m here to inform you on the virtues of sealing or an oilcloth on the advantages and the disadvantages of owning a windbreaker. Dany Boon has already done, and then, well, anyway, this isn’t about me.

You’ll agree with me, I guess, if I say that the practical side cannot be the only criterion for choice of a garment. If that were the case, you would not read these lines, and maybe even that they do not exist. Actually I have a
theory on the subject: we buy the clothes on aesthetic criteria, but you can

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Barbour Jacket New Collection

To wake up one day when the rain just pouring down and the wind is blowing from all directions can be a mere nuisance. Everything just feels completely hopeless and nothing in the closet seems to fit for such a storm. The catcher in the rye called Barbour which since its beginnings in 1894 has manufactured jackets for those who want to face rain and blowing storm with elegance.

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