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7 Myths About Bras

If they hear of all the colors on our inseparable undergarment, which is why we wanted to debunk seven of the most common myths
Bra, myths and legends
There are those who willingly lets him in the drawer, who can not get out without, those who even at night brings, it is the bra, inseparable companion, able to give you the right “support” as only a true friend can do. Yet there are a number of legends about this particular item of clothing that are confusing to even the most skilled women in the field. We have identified seven myths and we dispelled them for you with the help of some experts in the field, so that you can sleep good night’s rest, with or without your bra on! Continue reading

Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment

How Well Equipped to Play Sports?

The Reasons to Choose a Fit Equipment

The resolution to get back to sport is confirmed! Now he must choose his battle dress. This will help us “sporter” effective … or at least we make the sport easier and save us give up. But especially for Djibrine Fall-Telemachus (trainer and coach and full contact kickboxing) well equipped to do sports avoids annoyances like injuries or blows cold. And good news, today it is no longer necessary to invest in a brand of basketball when doing sports. For fifty euros, there are sports facilities completely “safe” for our feet.

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