Tablet Market Analysis 2014

The year was 2010 when Steve Jobs, holding in his hand a strange tablet, presented the first iPad device that is still regarded as the founder of the tablet. Despite initial doubts, users have come to appreciate the ease of this kind of products so that, until last year, the sales of the tablets were always increasing.

However the 2014 recorded aturnaround and market share for the last quarter showed a decrease compared to the previous year.

As is evident from the table compiled by IDC, we talk about a decrease of 3.2%, which involved both the iPad (17.8%) downward as the Android tablets (with Samsung and ASUS that record 18.4% and -24.9%) a-, respectively.

Impossible not to note the numbers of Amazon: in the last year were shipped the 69.9 percent less than baseline devices Kindle Fire and, although statistics are not included the new models from 6 sec data are still indicative.

The only company not to be affected by this negative trend was Lenovo, probably due to its strong presence in China (and, in General, in the Asian market).

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On the other hand, the past year saw the consecration of phablet, which for many users have become the only reference device. Moreover, it is clear that Smartphones have larger displays and laptops are becoming more portable: for these reasons, we cannot help but ask ourselves how that will change in the near future the tablet market.