Swimwear for All Ages

What makes a perfect swimsuit? It depends on age, but also the type of woman who wears it, for each there is a glamorous secret

Swimwear for All Ages

Identikit of the perfect swimwear

There are those who seek him and never find anyone who has difficulty parting after finding it although it is now worn and faded: it’s a perfect swimsuit, cross and summer delight of every woman! There is no single formula that satisfied all, for each there is only one bikini or swimsuit dream which then changes according to the age and the tasks of life, these are our suggestions glamor!

For the 20s, the freedom swimsuits

Twenty years after he discovers the beauty of freedom , even for a few years we will follies without thinking too much about the consequences. From the perfect swimsuit for this age must be a hymn to cheerfulness. The ideal? Certainly a crocheted bikini reminiscent of the 60s and those winds of rebellion well embodied by the early twenties…

For the 30s, the choice of femininity

There we find more women and more sensual, purchase security and we want to highlight our femininity. All this can condense into a bandeau bikini, super trendy, with a particular fantasy. It can be animal, but if the idea will not tickle you can also tack on fantasies less decisive and incriminating

For a couple, the time of contamination

It seems ridiculous the idea of a couple costume? A little ‘it is, but since we are not in Carnival should not necessarily be linked, but we can try to make a particular harmonic. And if the usual bikini abbinassimo a pair of shorts on top? It would be a way of saying: we are ready for anything, the rest on the beach to extreme sports!

For the 40s, a retro look

The watchword is vintage. Let’s go look in Mother’s swimwear or some market a swimsuit from the particular cut (see http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-swimwear/). This year, for example, are fashionable bikinis high waist and is therefore a good reason to look for some beautiful model 50s that will make us look only at the beach

For mother and daughter, it is best combined

A touch of sweetness is not bad at the beach and if our small is big enough to launch into deeper waters and more daring experiences we just have to adapt. The slip we combine a surf shirt, a Mutina with long sleeves that will allow us to follow her in all his adventures!

For the 50s, jewelry is beautiful

At 50 years it acquired a strong awareness and at the beach you do not have to show no fear, even the costume becomes a celebration of a happy body. We celebrate this time giving us a jewel costumes, a kind of engagement ring to give to ourselves as a proof that we love even more!

For the 60s, the elegance at the beach

At 60 years, the swimsuit is a very serious matter, we can in fact afford to all (is our age that allows us to do) but it seems silly to challenge the teens at their own game. Cover to become the most intriguing may be the solution: a two-piece with ruffles of turns in the perfect cosume.

For grandma, Bath sweetness

The grandmother of the sea by definition must be comfortable: or how it can run after the grandchildren here and there on the beach? The swimsuit is a must, but choose it with some curl on the neckline or the stomach to make it more special and if you do not fear dangerous spills orientiamoci of a strapless model

For the 70s, black is back!

Let’s go back to essential elegance, that of a black one-piece swimsuit with simple straps. Too bland? Absolutely not, it is indeed impressive! We can then break up with a sarong and colorful flip flops, without fearing to be too trivial!