Swimsuit for Large Chest

My 95th says Hello girls and offers a helping hand, if like him you have trouble finding a swimsuit. Summer is coming, it’s time to go buy a new shirt, but as you know, the thing can be very difficult when we “put” a big shot. A few good tracks tested and approved:

-Freya: templates basics, patterns, shapes same headbands in a choice of size amazing (from 75 to 110 G). In-store dealer or on the internet.

-La Senza (. co.uk): pretty glamorous forms for a sexy but neat neckline up to 105 G Cup! In shop in England or on the internet.

-Figleaves (.com/uk): multi-brand a site which offers a search by broad size and many separable models and rather very well chosen (Rasurel, Ballet, for me, Freya, Panache, Triumph…).

One can also find caps D and E at Darjeeling, La Redoute, Etam, Marks & Spencer, Asos or Victoria’s Secret. In any case, a few tips:

-less than being silicone, forget the triangle bras.

-to simplify the life, it is better to buy United and separable elements (ex: mix a good black top with all kinds of black stockings).

-more a bra is covering, the more chances to hold the chest.

-a heavy chest deserves a good maintains: the straps must be strong and broad.

-We think a little retro cuts, which go well with the luscious silhouettes bikinis. See more on http://www.homeagerly.com/index.php/vintage-style-two-piece-swimsuit/.

-1 room Yes, but Cup (marked under the breasts) Princess strapless, with a neckline in V and frames (integrated SG).

-When you have broad shoulders, he better be able to choose rack to classic straps rather than the jacket and scarf shape.

-a home in the neck (shape scarf) it’s pretty but it is less comfortable than parallel straps (classical form), especially when the chest is heavy.

Hoping that these tips will help a few girls and if you have other good addresses does not hesitate to share them with us!