Sony New Smartwatch 2

Yesterday, Sony announced the successor of the Smartwatch — Sony Smartwatch 2. Many of the innovations introduced with this new model, let us meet her to see:

  • Screen sharpness even under sunlight and high resolution. The display is by 1.6 inches with a resolution of 220 × 176 pixel LCD Transflective technology.
  • Longer battery life. It is considered the battery more durable than all the smartwatch currently on the market; with a low/moderate use Sony claims up to 5/6 days, whereas with a “typical” use 3-4 days.
  • Water resistant, with certified IP-57. Smartwatch 2 is sleek and sturdy, resistant to water and dust, gives you the freedom to use it on the beach or just moving – either with rain or shine.
  • Also the NFC chip with new one-touch functions.
  • Autonomous clock functionality. When not connected to the smartphone, SmartWatch 2 operates independently as a digital watch that can be used to view the notifications previously received, the time display, to set the alarm or to search for lost objects in the dark thanks to bright.
  • Standard micro USB cable for charging.
  • Android UI-like user interface for intuitive use.
  • High grade materials. In fact the body is made of aluminum, while the stainless steel bracelet.
  • Broader compatibility. Works with most smartphones on the market.
  • Interchangeable straps. The strap can be replaced with a standard strap 24 mm, making it more personal Smartwatch 2.
  • The dimensions are 41.6 mm x 41.1 mm x 9 mm.

Smartwatch 2: availability and price

Remain the typical functions of the Smartwatch answering a call, read an email, read the SMS arrived, update your status on social networks, check the calendar, controlling the music player. What can we say? Finally back to talk about a really cool smartwatch that is waterproof from, much more advanced than presented in previous years.

Sony said it will be marketed worldwide in September 2013 to the list price of about 199 €. What do you think about? Might be a solution/suggestion interesting?