Solar Powered Wall Clock

When it comes to solar clock, it’s good to know that it can be understood in two different ways.

In the first case, this is a solar-powered clock instead of a battery. In the second, it comes to clocks that measure time based on the shadow cast by the Sun on the dial. In this case it is a wall Sundial. In any case, these are two types of clocks that you’ll love if you are “eco-friendly” like me.

Solar-powered clocks utilize sunlight to recharge. Thanks to the presence of photovoltaic cells, then, solar energy is converted into electrical impulses that are the ones that give movement to the hands of the clock. For this to happen, the material they are made of photovoltaic cells must be able to conduct electric current. The most popular material is, in this case, the Silicon.

About the benefits of these models of wall, the most important is without doubt the fact that it is almost zero environmental impact clocks, because you don’t have to change batteries which would then dispose of it properly. To my pleasant surprise, there are also several radio-controlled types, which means, as I said earlier, that automatically switch to daylight.

Imagine that you hang on the wall one of these controlled sundials: basically you never have to worry about climbing on a ladder to change batteries or to adjust the hour. The only disadvantage of these watches is that, for the moment, they have a fairly high cost.

Wall dials

This type of Sundial requires no power, because it is built in such a way as to mark the time based on the shadow cast by an auction that is called a Gnomon. This kind of wall clock may seem very simple and in fact the concept on which it is based. Be careful, though, because building these clocks is not at all easy. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but the shadow cast by the sun stretches or shortens with each passing day.

This is due to the fact that the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is not perfectly round, but is shaped like an ellipse, a circle crushed like an egg, in which the Sun is not perfectly in the middle. For this reason, the distance between the Earth and the Sun changes literally every day, depending on the position of our planet within the orbit. As a result, it also changes the length of the shadow cast.

However, today the technologies and modern knowledge allow you to make very precise calculations to build wall Sundial perfectly accurate.

If you like nice things and you’ve got an eye for classic and if you like the idea of being able to help preserve the environment by avoiding to use battery-operated clocks, I advise you to delve into this subject and steer your purchases toward a solar-powered watch, or toward a sundial that you can hang on the wall.