Smartphones: Newcomer Xiaomi Braked

Shooting star Xiaomi suffers from the stagnant market in China and seek his fortune abroad. The young manufacturer is but still good for a place in the top flight.

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has sold according to own 2015 a total of 34.7 million units in the first half of the year. This is a good one-third more than in the first six months of the previous year. But when compared with the second half of 2014, in which Xiaomi could sell 35 million smartphones, the paragraph is stagnant. This could be another sign that the strong growth in the Chinese market is weakening.

Revised forecast

Throughout last year, the Xiaomi had tripled its sales and sold 61 million smartphones. That will boost Xiaomi 2015 continue, but the original goal of 100 million is no longer to create. In March, the speech was at Xiaomi then even by “80-100 million” piece.

On the Chinese smartphone market has succeeded in quickly the 2010 founded company in the top tier of the manufacturer. There it goes closely: In the first quarter Apple has thanks to the new iPhones with 14.5 million shares of most smartphones there sold, directly followed by Xiaomi (13.5 million) and Huawei (11.2 million). According to these figures from IDC, Xiaomi has sold over 20 million smartphones in the second quarter. That’s enough even in an international comparison for a place in the top flight.

Expansion abroad

Currently, Xiaomi makes 90 percent of its revenue in China, analysts estimate. The company released no details. End of 2014 figures for turnover and profit of Xiaomi surfaced on the net for the first time. Therefore, the company has implemented 26.6 billion yuan last year, and a gain of 347,5 million Yuan (45 million euros).

Xiaomi sold high-tech smart phones at low prices via the Internet. Last, the manufacturer was expanded also to India and other Asian countries remain not dependent from the Chinese market. Soon, dares the company the step to South America and wants to sell its smartphones in Brazil. (vbr)