Small Single Bed Box Room

It is an extremely complex choice for you to decide to buy a single. There are more than 20 types, and each one adapt to a user profile. The price is one of the important measurement criteria for most people, and you need to make a cautious evaluation. Each product will change the way that you use your house.

The material is one of the most important points to increase or decrease the value of the product. Tubular bed’s out of fashion, but it is an excellent alternative if you don’t have much money and just want something that can prevent you from sleeping on the floor. But if you live near the beach, forget it; the salty air spoils all the material.

Wooden beds which are not only made of woods are most suitable. The MDF mobile can guarantee the durability. The ideal is to be a thick wood without peeling easily as pine, and be highly resistant but not so easy to achieve. The weakest are crowded, but with its charm because they are really beautiful and colorful.


There are several models, but the main difference is about a bachelor.

Bachelor, is the nickname of someone who is searching for more sleeping space and comfort, but still haven’t had a double bed. Beds are wider and can accommodate well in your room. If you have a tight budget and can not buy much furniture, you should try your best to buy a good bed. You don’t have to but a double bed, but the bed you buy must be quite wide and ideal for those who moves around during the sleep.

If you are afraid that the children may fall out of bed, you can buy a single bed with auxiliary bed. There are beds with a second bed embedded below, leaving space at the bottom without space but just pull to have a second bed. You need two mattresses, so that you can have a bed reservation and can be able to leave enough room for children to roll.

The single beds boxes are the most modern and most beloved item because they eliminate the mobile, the frame, and save space. In generally, whether they are cheap or expensive depending on the height of the feet. It can be coupled behind mirrors to create the same cast of common traditional bed, but there’s no need if you only have decorative purposes. The same bedding used in traditional models will take up less space.

There are still a few more versatile models with some differentials, such as drawers on the bottom of the bed, mirrors bedding with inline stuff which can provide more space for bedding and even books.


Buy a single bed, the price range from R$200 to R$2 1000.

The simplest beds boxes cost less than R$300. The difference is that if you have foam mattress on the top, it will be more comfortable, which can give you a good night sleep. The mattress can be changed at any time, and it’s an advantage. Tubular beds are even cheaper, less than R$200. But remember that they do have a mattress, requiring a further investment.

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