Sigg Water Bottles Review

PET bottles are an integral part of the daily reality and basically ever lead a discussion of their harm to the environment. No wonder, plastic, from which they are made, although it is by far not all recyclable PET bottles, however, travel to the separate collection of waste. And if so, it’s not always a guarantee of recycling. If you want to drink from a purely ecological bottles that do not lack style and abound in many great qualities, it pays to bet on an alternative from the Swiss manufacturer of the SIGG. SIGG Bottles are not ordinary and are a great tip on the practical and refined design gift.

The ecological alternative to PET bottles

You already have fed a continual tossing PET bottles? If so, the Swiss manufacturer will certainly come into their own. SIGG bottles are safe, environmentally friendly and extremely durable against falling. When you drink, you can simply add it again without exposing the health risks that come with it often carries the reuse of PET bottles. Check more at

Each piece is an original

SIGG Bottle is a real designer gem. Its innovative design impresses with its already at first sight. In addition, it is produced in many different color variations, so you can select the right specimen to suit your tastes. The base of each model is solid and yet absolutely lightweight aluminium construction. Quality Swiss Made is a matter of course. About the fact that you will have a true artistic piece, evidenced by the fact that some models of exhibits of the New York Museum of modern art. Of the design less traditional models will certainly catch the eye of a variation of the Crazy Green, Bright Coral, Pop Arts and more.

Multifunctional usage

Due to its attractive appearance and excellent characteristics of the SIGG bottles are perfect for everyday use. Minimum weight together in combination with the mentioned resistance ideally suit this product for use in the framework of an integral equipment for mountaineers and other adventure sports. If you want to have a great Assistant that never disappoints, and which can be any drink, definitely choose this 100% recyclable option.

Our tip: Part of the range of the Swiss manufacturer are the perfect design SIGG thermos flask, which you will please any lover of coffee or tea. SIGG thermos can maintain a constant temperature of cold drinks, as well as those hot.