Security Locks for Entry Doors

Learn what to consider before buying the lock to the front door of your home.

Choosing the right model input lock means the protection of family. The type which offers more security consists of cylinder mechanism which opens and closes the door only with the use of keys. This version is also known as mortice locks, which are installed in the inner door structure.

As the product is on the door giving access to the outside of the home environment, it is important to acquire a piece with corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel or zamac (mixture of aluminum, zinc, copper and magnesium).

We encourage the “do it yourself”, so we separate tips to install the mortise lock.


The component parts of the inside of the product are the hub, the roller pawl, the latch plate and forehead.

The outside the inlet lock comprises the handle type ball or lever against forehead, false forehead, mirror and rosette. Check out how these parts work:

Learn more about the lock measures

The brains of measures have locks which vary according to the distance of the drill, for example the distance between the center keyholes to the lock plate tests. In Brazil, there are three main measures of lock: 40 mm, 45 mm and 55 mm. The greater this distance is, the lower the risk of tampering. Search for the most suitable model for your home and count on the professionals here.

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