Scuba Diving Fishing

The scuba diving is a sport that encompasses many techniques such as apnea, swimming, body proprioception and a good technique. Initially it will be important to figure out what technique we must prepare, since it is a sport that includes several techniques that can be practiced in different bathymetry: basses with cloudy water in 2 meters of water, deep and fishing to ambush and behave on 20 meters depth. The exercise as in all sports will be split into 3 fundamental parts: the first phase will focus on

preparing your body for aerobic work, the second phase will be the one to step up and improve muscle performance choices and the last phase will be dedicated to the drain where it degrades the exercises, recovering the energies that will help us to reach the best at the time chosen for fishing or race that is. Here’s how to train for underwater fishing.

The first phase will last at least two months and will be so focused on preparing “aerobics”, bringing the body to get used to the physical stress over and over again. Defined by AndrewFishing, all sports fishing that involve a job with high cellular oxygen demand and resistance are fine, but the swimming (with or without fins) and jogging are the best trainers in both physical and psychic. Initially it will be difficult both in overcoming mental fatigue, aerobic exertion, which subsequently rewarded by charity production of endorphins, which we feel our body be reborn full of strength and a new “head” that makes us more confident in being able to deal with different challenges with ourselves.

After the first stage and having reached a good psychological level, we can move to the second phase, which provides for the “load” beginning the true specific training for fishing in apnea. The ideal is to have a swimming baths, 25 meters by 2 times a week, even better will be living near the sea or have the ability to leverage our future hunting field. Each training session will begin with five static apnea on the bottom without forcing too much. These will follow a dozen dynamic apnea from 50 meters with 2 minutes of rest between one and the other.

Now we are ready to face the specific training for spearfishing: 3 series from 20 laps where every 3 minutes interspersed with recovery series is divided into 5 sub-series from 4 tanks each. The first sub-series consists of a tub in 25 m apnea in about 30 seconds; the second 90% of its bath finswimming at the ceiling; the third and fourth tub in finswimming slow. 3 minutes rest. The second series includes an increase in diving phase, we maintain constant the speed of surface part and we’re going to decrease the stage of active recovery. 3 minutes rest. The third phase will be an improvement from the previous step, important for the success of the exercise is to not increase too much between a number and the other in order to conclude the exercise taking consistent sub-series. If we do things right and without forcing, we will conclude the third series with 2 diving tanks, fast and active recovery 1 1.

In the unloading phase will be important not to force physically, but rather focus on those qualities which we inevitably lost during the winter break, I think at a glance, the reflections and the shooting. In this final phase that separates us from the start of the race or fishing trip we will resume gradually confidence with depth but we will notice right from the start that the recoveries will be fast, good sleep apnea and legs.