Screwdriver for Hard Drive Screws

Very similar to an electric drill, a screwdriver’s main function is to tighten or remove screws. However, there are commercially available types of screwdrivers with an impact which allows the opening of orifices. It is excellent for finishing projects and fixing materials.

Some models screwdrivers have the torque control to adjust each screw type. There is a device that prevents the screw being loose or too tight.

See below three types of screwdrivers which exists on the market:

– Electric screwdriver: It is the most common model in workshops tools, appliances and electronics. They are most effective when the important thing is the power and precision, they are powered by a power supply or some alternative source.

– Tightening the battery: It is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be charged and used anywhere, ensuring greater convenience and mobility. They are widely used by professional fitters in general, especially the furniture, electricians, installers of security equipment, among others. There are two types of battery:

  • Nickel cadmium battery: is rechargeable and can be reused several times. However, this type of battery suffers from the so – called “memory effect”. It becomes addicted to charge less energy than it is ability, and need to recharge it when the battery is fully discharged to increase the shelf life.
  • Lithium-ion battery: it stores more energy and is small and light, getting advantage over other battery types. Unlike nickel cadmium battery, it does not have memory effect, enabling recharging without the need for her to be discharged completely.

– Pneumatic Parafudadeira : It is powered by compressed air. Typically, this type of tool is considerably lighter compared the power tool. Moreover, it is widely used in racing, where you need to perform the tire change in a short time.

Before using the equipment, it is important to adjust it to the maximum screw depth to get the best finish. And do not forget to use personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform the work.

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