Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Specs

Last year he spoke several times of one Iris Scanners that Samsung wanted to implement on Galaxy S4, but as we know not if nothing came of it. Now the times may be ripe and saying it is SRI (Stanford Research Institute), which with a press release announcing the presence of IOM technology (Iris On Move, namely the iris recognition with a look) in future products from Samsung, including a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

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The purpose would be security in the enterprise but it is obvious that such an innovation could also be used by other users, authentication and payments. In addition, the technology would have evolved so much that they do not require more than the subject’s property, which would make it suitable for a commercial product.

The tablet will be shown by 15 April at the ISC West 2015, so Samsung could announce already short: you don’t speak explicitly of a new Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, but since this has on his shoulders more than a year to live the hypothesis there would surprise.