Roller Wall Stencil Pattern Paint Rollers

Decorating with wallpaper is back to trend nowadays. But many people don’t like to use it in the decoration of the walls, either by price or other reasons.

In the post “creative idea” today you will see what can be the solution for those who do not want conventional wallpaper. I would like to give a different twist on the walls of the house.

A United Kingdom company created with paint rollers that give the wall the same visual effect of wallpaper, making it much easier to leave the walls with a pattern different and beautiful, not to mention that you can choose the color of the ink that you want.

According to the owner of the company, the Painted House, the genius idea was seen in a market in Romania, and she decided to create her own templates with different patterns.

The roller allows you to decorate the walls much more practice (and cheaper) than it would be using wallpaper, and after painting you can continue with the roller to paint again and again!

In addition to painting masonry walls, you can use the rollers with relief in paper, fabric and wood, that is, you can release the creativity and not only give a new look to the walls as well as reforming original way furniture.

It is necessary to have the applicator (there are two: one for walls, wood and paper and fabrics), which is the part where the foam with paint, and then put the roll with the chosen design on the front, so wet the foam roller with drawing and you will paint the wall.

Previously it was possible to buy through the website of Etsy, but the page currently does not send more to the Brazil unfortunately. However it is possible to find some options of rollers online. The price is a bit expensive, but the cost-benefit ratio compared to the wallpaper can be very interesting, since the film will continue to be used for multiple times.

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