Roberto Cavalli Eyewear Collection

Effects of transparency with translucent materials, sunglasses and plates of a printed MB respectat hair leopard, Zebra or Panther… Roberto Cavalli eyeglasses are for women who like luxury or glasses jewelry!

New collection

Roberto Cavalli eyeglasses are needed by their original style and a perfect union between the exclusive inspiration of the Florentine designer and artisan excellence to the Marcolin group. Glamour, tradition and innovation are the dominant elements of the new collection, embellished by finishes of jewellery giving a particular and quite elegant style for some models.

This Aviator model is characterized by a refined double bridge and look sophisticated with its soft lines and light. Splendid Swarovski crystals are arranged in a chessboard.

Old collections

The perfect balance between tradition and modernity to this new collection. Here a model of sunglasses for women effect things and twinkling through his small Swarovski crystals inlaid.

Ladies, you will undoubtedly look sensual and sparkling!

Color gold. 2015 collection.

Glasses as sunglasses are also beautiful models chiseled metal oracetate inlaid with gold or rhinestones.

The “RC” logo all curve, dress XXL branches or is embedded on the glasses.

Collection 2011 2012-A solar mount luxury and high-end designed on a framework bi material metal and plastic. Rhinestones on the branches. Available in Brown, black and purple.

Alliance of plastic and metal for these frames in round shape, camel color and appearance peeling for these Ray Ban sunglasses on official site –