Rhythm Method To Get Pregnant: What It Is And How To Make Your

Gynecologist explains that if the woman has very regular cycles, there is a general rule simple to assemble the table

It’s pretty cool when woman and man decide, together, it’s time to have a child. From there, the couple start to take all possible measures to ensure that this dream becomes reality.

Of course, the woman can’t get pregnant “1 hour for another” and, in some cases, the big challenge is to exactly control anxiety during this “waiting time”. So many couples end up researching measures that may be taken for pregnancy to occur more quickly. But are there really means to this?

Alessandra Bakayoko, gynecologist of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, explains that the chance of pregnancy of a perfectly normal couple is approximately 20% each month. “There are some measures that can be taken by the woman so that she can get pregnant ‘ soon ‘, but it is worth noting that don’t offer 100% guarantee, of course. However, don’t get up right after the sexual relationship;don’t bathe then; put a pillow under your pelvis to keep it slightly high, are some ‘ tips ‘ “.

The gynecologist adds to keep gynecological routine days; follow a good diet that contains, among other nutrients, vitamins (folic acid) or bet on a strengthening of folic acid supplementation; suspend smoking; set next to the doctor, the use of prohibited medications; suspend the use of illicit drugs and alcohol are also key measures.

In an attempt to produce a baby, many women still count with the help of the so-called “rhythm method to get pregnant”. This fertility table serves as a calculator for ovulation, as it indicates what the woman is Ovulating and therefore is more propitious to get pregnant.

But, it is true that this issue is still quite confusing for some women. That’s why you can see below information on the rhythm method to get pregnant and more guidance from the gynaecologist Alessandra Bakayoko.

What Is The Rhythm Method To Get Pregnant?

Alessandra Bakayoko explains that the rhythm method to get pregnant really is effective. “But the relationship cannot be restricted only to the fertile period, since it is very bad for the couple, in addition to the risk of a slight variation in the cycle and end up Ovulating outside the days ‘ correct ‘,” he says.

The gynecologist points out that, if the woman has very regular cycles, there is a general rule to assemble the table. “You have to take 3 cycles and make the average duration (example: 28-29-30 days;29 days average). Subtract this average 14 (15). This is the probable ovulation day. Since there is a small normal variation, the fertile period is 4 days before until 4 days later (in this case, between the 11th and the 15th day), always from the first day of menstruation, “he explains. Check out the example in the table:

As you can see, if your cycle is regular, assemble the table is pretty simple. But it is worth noting that is always interesting talking with your (AU) gynecologist as soon as you decide to get pregnant, so that it (a) pass all necessary guidelines on the subject. We have a file of Microsoft Word so that you can print and fill out the your own rhythm method at home.

Applications That Can Help In Trying To Get Pregnant

These days, technology can be a great ally. Did you know that there are applications for mobile phones that can help the woman I want to get pregnant?


A good example is the application “my ovulation calculator”, developed for Android. According to the description, “is a simple and easy-to-use application to calculate the moment of ovulation and determining the fertile period.

Simply by recording the first day of your last menstrual period and the average number of days of your menstrual cycle, will be shown to your date of ovulation and your fertile period. Be intimate during the fertile period increases the chances of getting pregnant. The application also shows the date of birth provided if get pregnant at that time. ”


The “ovulation calendar” is a free application developed for Apple iOS and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to the description, helps determine the fertile days of the month, “to the woman could become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy.

Windows Phone

The application “LoveCycles” for Windows Phone has a free version (slightly less complete) and other pay. According to the description, offers interesting features for the control of the menstrual cycle and help design or contraception.

The application has some extra functionality beyond the rhythm method: “menstrual cycle calendar in intuitive color codes; automatic and accurate forecast of fertility; adjust the length of the cycle and menstrual flow; password protection; easy entry to previous cycles; forecast for the beginning of the cycle in the following months; options for registering love, weight and temperature; graphics for weight and temperature; view statistics and history; set reminders; pause mode; Live Tile showing the expected date of commencement “.

But remember that these are just a few of the applications options. All you have to do is look for an answer to their needs and that is designed for your device type.

Anxiety Can Get In The Way?

As already mentioned, it is often difficult for the couple (and especially for women) to prevent/control the anxiety that arises, usually due to the desire to become pregnant.

However, one must understand that such anxiety can get in the way, and in an attempt of the woman become pregnant. “Who regulates the menstrual cycle is an area in the brain called hypothalamus. He’s the one who sends the information to the pituitary gland, which regulates the ovaries to ovulation. Only the hypothalamus also relates to the limbic system, which is exactly the origin and control of emotions.I.e. desregulou emotion, desregulou stimulation of ovulation and, without proper ovulation, a woman can’t get pregnant, “says Alessandra Bakayoko.

In this way, the hint: some measures may be taken by the couple to try to get pregnant “right to work”.Of course, it is essential that the woman talk always with your (AU) gynecologist about all the possibilities and try the most control their emotions, not to “speed things up”, so that all occur in the best possible way.