Retrospective: the Best of the Videos Have Fun Organizing on Youtube

The year ended and a new one has begun with fresh posts and videos, but I know many of you are new here and didn’t see anything that appeared in the blog and in the channel. In fact, If you haven’t registered on our Youtube Channel, also didn’t see much that happened there! But don’t worry, the retrospective of all videos, decoration and step-by-step of have fun organizing is here to show you the way.

Organizing Videos

Tour of the House Organization

By far the most watched video on the channel. Here I showed some of the projects of organization of the blog, what worked and what didn’t was so successful that way.


After making a post showing how I made my agenda, showed in video all my impressions of the first custom schedule that I used.

How to keep the Purse Organized

If you lose everything inside the bag, this video is for you. Packed with tips and everything I carry with me.

How I Organize My Bags

This video was requested by some readers and I opened my closet to show how to keep my bags.

How to Organize Makeup

In this video, you will know my dressing table and monitor the whole process of organization.

How I Organize My Shoes

Another little piece of my wardrobe for you!


Decorated Glazing

How to decorate glass with decorative stickers.

Ombré Framework

Learn how to make a modern framework with less than $ 10. No talent is required for this project.


Tips for Those Who Are Too Lazy To Put on Makeup

Find out how beat laziness through some simple steps that can be applied at any time.

Shopping and Decoration

Decorating Purchases in the U.S.

Everything brought to a wonderful trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Decor Shopping

Other acquisitions that made for the bedroom/office.


Cheap Travel Kit

A video showing the travel Kit that I got to get to the United States.


Prize of the contest I host no frills.