Recycled Evening Dresses

Today Perrine giving you tips to recycle your best cocktail in your daily outfits dresses!

Recycled Evening Dresses

In our closets, there is often a pretty dress that comes out only for special occasions: embroidered white lace of beads, plunging backless, petticoat in tule, …except the birthday, communion or weddings, this little beauty do generally not often see the light of day. And that’s a shame because that saw its price, it deserves to go out more than once in the closet, and she is still very beautiful the matron.

But since the summer dress is not always easy to wear everyday, the has a few associations very simple to give a second life to your favorite parts!

The shirt

To mitigate the wise side of a dress dressed, you can opt for the shirt: denim, Plaid, tie, sleeveless… it gives immediately look more casual, even with a dress super upscale. For the summer, the must is both the association of the white lace dress and denim, cool and chic shirt.

The sweater

Wear a light sweater on a dress, it’s a silly but rather effective tip. With a little black dress you get a slightly rock look, an embroidered dress turns into skirt fancy and a dress with volume can give the illusion of a corolla skirt a little vintage. For spring, the ideal is the lightweight mesh that does not too hot and that let air.

The waistcoat

Like the sweater and shirt, loose jacket creates a look a little more to the cool, especially when worn with very feminine dresses. Works well with blazers or jackets a little wide shoulders that give less primed air.

Flat shoes

To contrast with a slightly fancy dress, nothing like flat shoes: sandals, sneakers, boots, sneakers… flat dress will always look more casual, as we say in the modasse jargon.

Folk accessories

Not sure what to do in your little white tunic, embroidered dress or your skirt in tulle? Out hat, the leather belt and the satchel with fringe and give it a second life! The belt slightly changes the general shape by doing a little pot to the top of the dress, and a shoulder bag gives a slightly more relaxed look. And if folk aren’t your thing, it also works for safari style or ethnic for example.

Street accessories

A dress peplum with sneakers and a baseball cap, it can also give a great look. Well of course, with a long pastel dress or embroidered sequins’ d a little weird, but with simple shapes and patterns not too loaded, it works pretty well.